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Window Screens


  • All work is done on-site
  • We will remove your screens for you
  • We will straighten any frame that may be bowed, before screening
  • Install a new spline and mesh of your choice
  • Replace any necessary components needed, whether missing or damaged, such as pull tabs, tension springs, push/pull pins or latches

Custom Built Screens

If you have damaged screens beyond repair, or just missing some, we can build you brand new ones, on-site, same day. We stock frames that will do just about any window you have, including frames with a lip, used in both inside and outside application. These screens are generally held in place with push/pull pins or turn clips. All our screens are made with metal corners, which are much stronger than the plastic corners. We do however stock poly corners (plastic) upon request. Because we build the screens on-site, this allows us to make sure that they will fit properly in your window.

Colours available :

Regular framing: white, sandalwood (beige) and dark (commercial) brown.
Frame with lip: ( interior and exterior) white.


Fixed Screens (non-removable)

If your sunroom has screens built right into the frame, that are not removable, WE CAN HELP YOU!  We stock many various spline sizes on hand, and will install a new mesh of your choice, in an upright position.