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Sliding Patio Screen Doors

Since patio screen doors are used quite often in a home, one that functions poorly, can be very annoying for the average home owner.  A door that jams up while in motion, can also cause unwanted stress to the internal corners, and may eventually cause them to break. We specialize in patio screen doors, and will take care of any problems you may have.


  • We will remove your door for you
  • We will check the internal corners and advise you if there are any broken ones
  • We will then assess the wheels and lubricate them
  • Install a new mesh of your choice and a new spline
  • Reinstall, and align your door for easy and smooth operation

Custom Built:

Our Sliding Patio screen doors are made on-site, and installed same day.  No kits, no roll form bars.  We make our doors completely from scratch, which begins with the measurement of your door opening.

  • We use a heavy extruded aluminum bar.
  • 4  Internal heavy duty die cast corners, each consisting of a levelling screw for easy door alignment.
  • 4  1” Dia. Steel ball bearing wheels.
  • Black internal/external handles
  • Bug strip
  • Super Screen” mesh included.

Colours available:  White, black, dark brown and clay ( beige )

*Locks are available upon request

Parts:  We stock and carry,  many different types of wheels and corners, that are most commonly used in the Windsor and surrounding areas.

Handles and bug strip of different styles are also available.

We also carry and install white aluminum Sill, Jamb and header tracks.