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Fiberglass (Standard 18-16)

  • We stock a good regular fiberglass screening made by Phifer
  • Commonly used in window screens


Heavy duty pet meshpetscreenpic

  • Vinyl coated polyester
  • 7X stronger than regular fiberglass
  • Very tear and puncture resistant, to prevent damage caused by cats and dogs
  • Ideal for use in high traffic areas
  • Provides excellent outward visibility


Super Screen mesh

  • Vinyl coated polyester
  • Ideal for patio and porch enclosures
  • Very tear resistant , but not as thick as the Pet mesh
  • Our most popular mesh sold in patio screen doors.
  • Far exceeds the strength and quality of regular fiberglass

Besides it’s incredible strength, the ultraviolet rays from the sun have virtually no effect on this screen. As a result the original luster of a new screen will remain for years and years to come.

Solar Screen mesh

  • Vinyl coated fiberglass
  • Blocks up to 75% of sun’s heat and glare
  • Helps carpets, furniture and draperies from fading
  • Helps save energy