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Balcony Screens

Have you ever wondered what it would be like, to enjoy relaxing on your balcony, looking at whatever view your surroundings have to offer, in a "CLEAN AND BUG FREE" environment?

We can help you by screening in your balcony!

The size of the balcony will determine the number of screens needed for the opening. We build the screens as large as we can, so you’ll have more view of your surroundings. The screens are all permanently screwed in place, and are MAINTENANCE FREE!!

No Wood , No Staples, No Loose screen,  No painting  and No Headaches, ever again.

Unlike wooden frames, we use heavy extruded alum bars, and then install a good quality mesh called "Super Screen", which is vinyl coated polyester, and much more tear and puncture resistant than regular fibreglass screening.  It’s all held in place with a good quality serrated spline, thus resulting in a nice tight screen.

And most importantly, if for any reason should you have to change your mesh, you are now pulling out one long piece of spline per screen as opposed to a ton of staples. This will save you time and money.

The frame colors available are white, black, clay (beige) and dark brown.

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